The Swanwick Bursledon & Warsash Regatta

Welcome to the website for the Swanwick, Bursledon, and Warsash Regatta. Contact us at or via our Contacts page

Saturday Afternoon Racing Events

Saturday afternoon events held at Bursledon  Pool all starting and finishing at the Jolly Sailor pontoon.

Racing program will start at about 13:15.  No entry forms required, just turn up on the start line and listen to instructions.

All children under the age of 14 must wear a life jacket or buoyancy aid when participating in any water events or races (save for swimming races). Your child will not be able  to enter or participate in water events and races without a life jacket or buoyancy aid.

  1. Stand Up Paddleboarding
  2. Boatyard Sheave Race
  3. Canoe Race (single/double)
  4. Rowing, single handed Inflatable (open to anyone in an inflatable dinghy)
  5. Rowing, Men’s single handed (any rigid dinghy 12’ 6” or under)
  6. Inflatable Dinghy (not rigid hull) two handed race (side by side, both rowing)
  7. Rowing, Junior 16 and under (any dinghy 12’ 6” or under)
  8. Rowing, Ladies single handed (any dinghy 12’ 6” or under)
  9. Rowing, Ladies & Men’s two handed (any rigid dinghy 12’ 6” or under)
  10. Rowing, Junior 12 and under  (any rigid dinghy 12’ 6” or under)
  11. Sculling over the stern Don Smy Trophy (open race for any dinghy 12’ 6” or under
  12. Ladies Swimming
  13. Men  Swimming
  14. Boys under 16  Swimming
  15. Girls under 16  Swimming
  16. Boys under 12  Swimming
  17. Girls under 12  Swimming

Water Carnival –  Floats with a Classic Movies theme – prizes for the winners

  1. Fisherman’s race (Single handed Race Bursledon Gigs, rowers standing facing forward)
  2. Rowing, Children 8 and under
  3. Egg and Spoon Race’ (Inflatable dinghy, one oarsman with passenger standing, holding an egg in a spoon)
  4. Family Race (Father and Mother, both rowing, with two children under 14)
  5. ‘Blindfolded” Race (blindfolded rower with passenger)
  6. Parent & Child Race (child to be 12 or under, one oar each, both must row)
  7. Pensioners Race (single handed over 65)
  8. Paddling Race (four handed paddling with hands)
  9. ‘Paint Float Race’(Join a Paint Float – all welcome but bring your own oar)

Prizes will be distributed from the Committee Boat after each event